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>> Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I went to Dim Sum with ES and her family on Sunday. Since she's soon to give birth to her second child, her mom flew all the way from Tokyo to be by her side. It's the first time I've ever met her mom, I have to say that I don't see a lot of resemblance other than their personality.

ES is a great person, but sometimes she has to remind people how rich her family is, how rich Japan is and others countries cannot compare to it that sometimes limit our topics. That, I guess, comes from her mother who has just met me but constantly mentioning "If you are rich, you can get anything in Japan" or "They make special travel guides for Japanese and list only the most expensive places" or even "Atkins is an expensive diet". There is a certain pride into her attitude, but it's funny to listen to it. I feel bad for ES' husband PL though, he comes from Cambodia as a refugee, although well-educated and earns a good salary, he won't be able to compare himself to ES' father who is a nuclear scientist and Cambodia is considered by many a third-world country, no wonder he doesn't where the pants in his marriage. ES is always joking about leaving him after she has her third child and move back to Japan with her parents. Poor guy... I hope he doesn't get suppressed too much and become one of those serial killers... lol

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