Movie Review - "300"

>> Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Finally went to see "300" this past Sunday. I wanted to go and see it because I liked another Frank Miller comics turned movie called Sin City. Also, there's something around the ancient Roman empire and such that us gay guys find very sexy, that and vampires. Half naked muscle men prancing about fighting that is just so electrifying, so much testosterones.

The story is about Leonidas, the Spartan king, ignoring the command of the oracle and brought his 300 soldiers to fighting against 50,000 invading Persians lead by Xerxes. The storyline is a bit weak, but there are a lot of fighting. Heads are flying and rolling all over the place. It is pretty well filmed and the special effects are quite good. I read somewhere that the entire movie is shot indoors against blue screens, but you really can't tell much watching the movie. It looked real, and it looked amazing. The whole colors scheme created a fantasy world. I was wondering where they find all these well-muscled actors and extras to be in this movie and DC says it is probably special effects as well. Can they special effects those muscles on me? DC says the movie is very videogame-like, which I agree. It would definitely make a fantastic video game.

I would definitely urge people to see it, if you haven't. It's not intellectually satisfying but sometimes you just need to see bad people getting killed to feel justified. It's a "B" for me.

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