Amy Winehouse's Concert

>> Monday, May 07, 2007

Finally went to my first concert in the United States. After finding out about Amy Winehouse on the telly a month ago, I stumbled on the fact that she's having a concert in Philadelphia. So I started looking for tickets and got them on Ebay for a slightly higher price. It was sold out on the regular channel and I've missed them by one day. So I got a few tickets and went with JH, AL and AL's sister Carla. I've to say somehow I have a little crush on AL for a while, he seems to be exactly my type minus the bitchiness, and our music preference seems to be quite similar.

So AL came to pick us up in his white convertible and we were off to the concert. It was supposed to start at 8:00pm and they let people in at 7:00pm. I was ecstatic at this point, and I'm such a fan of Amy. The name of the venue is called the Electric Factory and the place is divided into two floors. The first floor being where the main stage is with lots of standing room, upstairs is a "J" shaped balcony where there are sits and serves alcohol. We got some sits in the back of the slightly elevated balcony, I went to get some hot dogs, fries and funnel cakes and we went to town.

The concert didn't start until 8:30pm and a guy named Patrick Wolf opened. I went online afterwards to look for more information about him but this guy was weird. He was wearing shorts with suspenders to keep them up and an unbuttoned short sleeve shirts out side exposing most of his body. He looked very tall on stage, at least 6'2" or something. His music has a definite Irish influence to it, but I don't think he's actually from Ireland. He plays a electronic keyboard and a girl next to him playing a violin. There is a lot of bird chirping in his music and at the end of his first song, he broke into Madonna's "Like A Virgin", rolling on the ground and all. It wasn't bad, it was just weird. During his five songs though, we were quite distracted by the quite obvious hardon in his shorts, it was big. Others sitting in front of us noticed that too and can't help laughing very loudly. Meanwhile I was also waiting for him to break into "Like A Virgin" again since all his songs seems to be melodically possible to do so.

After Patrick's 30 minutes warm up session, we waited for another 45 minutes before Amy showed up. We have heard rumors about Amy being drunk on most of her shows, sometimes she even has to cancel her shows due to her state of stupor. I was worried that we might meet the same fate. AL fed me a couple of Apple-mart and my mood was elevated a bit. Finally when Amy showed up everybody went crazy. I was making a comment to JH that she didn't seem that she was able to walk a straight line.

She started with the US unreleased version of "Addicted", doing most of her "Back to Black" album, two songs from "Frank" and ending with her famous rendition of The Zutons' "Valerie". In the end of "He Can Only Hold Her", she broke into Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" which only seems appropriate. After Valerie, the group went backstage but only coming back in a minute to perform "Me and Mr. Jones" and the highly anticipated "Rehab". Her voice is amazing live, unlike those pop princesses that perform MMO, lipsynch to their recordings. She's still doing the same fabulous hairdo, wearing another mini dress. We couldn't make out half of what she said, but I really had a great night. I haven't screamed and yelled so much for a long, long time. JH was looking at me funny at times, I don't think he had ever seen me so crazy before. I was happy.

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