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>> Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I don't know if I had mentioned this already, but last week I finally went back to the gym first time this year and on the very same night during my sleep I got a nose bleed. I am very sensitive about my nose, because during my childhood I used to have nose bleeds all the time, I can go to bed ok and wake up with blood all over my face, my pillow and my bed. Not little drips or a stream, I'm talking about a big, big, puddle. (Think Exorcist for visual effects) So well trained enough to wake myself up when the slightest sign come across. I'll use my finger to touch my nose and use a flashlight to see if it's red.

It wouldn't bother me if it's just one time. When I went to the gym again on Wednesday, I got a nosebleed again on Wednesday night. So I went to the doctors and see if that has something to do with blood pressure. High blood pressure runs in my family and I'm not for one that take care of myself properly, eating without thinking, so I thought I might have high blood pressure, which elevated by exercising and hence the nose bleed. Going to my primary physician, he says he can't see anything, so it might be deeper in my nose, "It might be vein malformation" he says. I always thought there were something wrong with my nose, my mom used to say it's too flat and used a wooden clothes' pin to pinch my nose hoping it'll change shape. I had nose bleed all the time and now breathing problems. I was secretly wishing my doctor's visit would result to a rhinoplasty recommendation. He told me not to exercise until I see a specialist, and I said "Hurray!". And then he said "No... I'm just telling you not to exercise that hard." Huh? when in my life have I ever exercised hard?

So he referred me to a ENT specialist, who in turn stuck a camera up my nose and found nothing. He saw so blood vessels on the side of my nose, so he used some chemicals to burn them. He gave me some anesthetics but it still burned and my nose was runny the whole day. He also perscribed some allergy medication for me, but I don't want to take any of it. I guess I'll take this week easy and go back to the gym next Monday. I still secretly wish for a doctor-recommended, insurance-covered rhinoplasty.

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