Great Love

>> Thursday, May 03, 2007

Since I've made up my mind to be unproductive at work, I'm literally bored to tears these days. (Well, my allergy supplied the tears but still...) So I'm lookin gon you tube and stumble across one of the hottest hunk in the planet and find out that he has a boyfriend. Aw... why can't I be his boyfriend? Anyway, here it is:

Francois is the shorter one, I simply adore him. His "haircut" is tattooed on his head, which he looked very cute with it. He remains to be one of the hunkiest guy I've ever seen, an ideal in my head. I know I probably won't ever meet him in my life and not in a million years will I get a person that good looking as my partner, but I can dream. I am happy for him to find someone he apparently love and from the looks of it Francesco is a very decent human being as well. Good looking, fit and nice.

After browsing links after links online, I found Francois' and Francesco's blog. If you're planning to read them beware, there might just be some nudity. They are both porn actors. It got me thinking how amazing and unpredictable life is. Two people living in different countries met in a third country and falls in love. Although one is living in Paris and the other in Madrid, they still maintained a great relationship. I see a little bit of myself in Francesco, a bit dorky, unsure of himself. While Francois maybe silly at times, and quite cheesy, he is the type of protector that I'm looking for. Is it too late for me to move back to Paris? Probably so, huh? lol.

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