My Bed of Horror

>> Monday, April 30, 2007

I went shopping Saturday for bedding stuff. Me and ES had a long talk about bedding habit. I bought my bed 5 years ago from Ikea and it has been working well enough for us. The horrible thing is that my pillows were purchased when I first got to the States, which is 10 years ago and I inherited my mattress from my friend who was here before I got to this country. I'm blaming my allergy and nose bleeds to the fact that I'm allergic to bedbugs and my old beddings are probably infested with them throughout the years. I remember sleeping on a couch when I was living in providence and got a major rash from it. It is some scary s#!t.

While I'm talking to ES, I also talked to DC seperately and see how often they wash their sheets, and their respond is about the same; once in 2-3 weeks. I have two to three sets and I wash and change them every week and they are tearing apart really fast. I bought them from Polo and I can confidently say that I paid big money for them. So I'm quite disappointed that after a year or so they starts to tear, especially since I've spontaneously bought a slightly bigger memory foam pillow once and I have to stuff it into the case and while stuffing, the pillowcase from my nicer set tore. My nice $300 duvet from Hilfigher too, I washed it a couple times and now it's torn in multiple places. So I finally made up my mind to buy new ones.

Through ES' recommendation I checked out Target and Ikea for beddings, they have some pretty nice selection, I got a new comforter, a cover for it with two pillow cases, a bedding set with the fitted sheet and a flat sheet and two pillow cases, and two new pillows. They cost about $300 in total, pretty good deal. So I will try to not wash them so much from now on, and if I shop I'll try to look for the cheapest ones with good quality.

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