The Wolf Cried "Fire!"

>> Monday, March 12, 2007

The fire alarm went off last night at 4:00 in the morning. Principe and I woke up of course, along with the residents of the whole building. I insisted on sleeping on the last incidents despite the smoke in the air and the building behind us burnt down, two people died or something. So I learned not to underestimate the possibility of a real fire is actually occurring.

I used to underestimate the chance that the alarm went off because of a real fire just because there are a lot of art students and drug users lives in my building, the rent is cheap. They could be doing some heat molding project or smoking some dope and fall asleep. Of the years I've been living here the alarm went off every few months and it usually doesn't amount to anything. Other than the building behind us burnt through the roof, they have to demo down the whole thing relocate everyone that lived there and rebuild it into a luxury condo. I'm sure they made a huge profit from that fire. There were also two pretty good latino/caribbean restaurants on the first floor, I hope they had insurance. I miss their food sometimes.

Anyway, I didn't think there was a fire. If it did, it must have been a very small one at that. I still feel very weak, so I took the day off. I can't seem to breathe at night. If my boss shows up at work and smoke, I might die. I come out to the coffee shop and I can't even seem to balance a cup of tea. JH called me this morning to see if I want to walk to work with him, he got a new job. I'm truly happy for him, he asked whether I want to go to the gym with him, since he's nearer to my work now. I said great, maybe he can motivate me to use my membership that I've been paying all this while. I need to get in shape, Principe is leaving me soon.

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