A Busy 24 Hours

>> Thursday, March 22, 2007

The past 24 hours has been quite hectic. I have accumulate so much errands and trying to complete all of them in one sitting seems nearly impossible. Before ES left for New Orleans, she told me about a friend of hers changed her cell phone plan to 'pay as you go' and since she's not using her cell phone for much she's only paying for $100 a year. I thought that was cool and after further investigation, I decided to change it to a prepaid plan with T-Mobile. I use approximately 200 minutes and pay $60 per month. After I change over I should be paying approximately $20 a month which saves $40 for something else.

So I got to the mall where Principe works at, but I couldn't find a T-Mobile booth that would change it over for me, probably because they don't get commissions for prepaid plans. Principe's iPod Mini died, when I get to the Apple store, they said they couldn't do anything about it, so I bought him a new 30GB iPod. I was gonna do that or wait for the iPhone, but the sales person said it will cost about $600 and only Cingular is gonna carry that. So since I want to change to T-mobile, I guess I'm not gonna get one. It's would have been perfect for Principe, but I won't spend $600 for a phone that he'll probably break or lose it the next day.

I walked around the whole mall because I wanted to get a duffel coat for myself. The pea coat that I got for the past two year has been breaking apart, the inner seems are deteriorating so fast that my pocket are torn and it's getting quite ratty. I spotted a Burberry duffel coat that I crave, but it costs $600. It's still cold out but it's the end of winter, so I'm hoping for a sale. Maybe I'll go to Century 21 while I'm in New York to see if they have anything, they have it on Ebay too but I'm so used to trying it on before buying. If I see it, I'll try it on and maybe buy the online equivalent on Ebay.

Principe and I went to Legal Seafood last night, I was glad that they have opened one in the mall. I'm a fan, although it was kinda expensive but the food was really good. It was early so we just got a bowl of New England clam chowder each, we shared a plate of crab cake and a small lobster. Everything was great, I hope to go back again and again. Looked for the comic book series at borders, but they don't have the complete set and each one costs $8, so I guess I'll go to New York Chinatown for them too.

Uploaded the website I've designed, had a staff meeting, mailed my grandma a check, uploaded songs to Principe's new iPod and got a haircut as well, but I just found out that my barber of 6 years does not work there anymore. That #$%& doesn't even tell me beforehand. I was filling up a long questionnaire the whole day about history information for the weight loss study, describing my weight history, eating habits, psychological conditions, medical conditions and physical habits. I hope this thing works. Anyway, I about to head out to the T-Mobile store to change my phone over. Can't wait til the weekend, but I guess I'll just be spending money like crazy again.

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