>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I know that when it comes to personal finance, I'm pretty much an idiot. So from time to time when Yahoo is posting some articles like "Budgeting and Saving Tips" and "How to Make Really Big Money". It's like reading articles in Cosmopolitan but for the financial dummies.

Yesterday, I came over an article on being a millionaire. The article claims that being a millionaire these days are not that uncommon. If you got a well-paid job and you tried your best to save money and invest, you'll probably would able to be a millionaire pretty soon. The problem is that nowadays it doesn't mean as much as it did 40 years ago. The level of material you're able to attain with one million dollars are very limited. Of course, I agree with that observation, the one-bedroom condo one block from my house costs $3.5 Million, not to mention the tax and security fee and all.

But is it really that easy to become a millionaire? Just by saving up? Maybe I should get a 6-digit-paying job first... And even if I get one, how many years of saving and investing will it take fore the money to accumulate to one million? "Reevalute your habits" another article says. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee are all unnecessary spending habits. My video games are $50 a pop, comic books and books are $6-20 a pop. Should I stop reading them and playing my games? I guess I really have to reprogram myself in order to start actively saving money. How one has to suffer in order to secure one's future? Maybe I don't have financial goals or maybe I'm financially afraid, that's what keeping me from making money. Need I start reevaluating my whole life and setting up goals?

Well, I say that now, but I still bought 3 pounds of veal shanks at $15.99/pound to make osso buco last night. I guess I'm not the patient kind.

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