Literally Blind

>> Thursday, March 15, 2007

I find myself very gullible when it comes to what I'm reading. Just because it's all typed up on paper, I will very likely believe it. Documents from government officials, movie lines, websites, media release, it doesn't matter what it is, the newer information will be like the bible to me, it makes me question my common sense and stored up memories, forgetting that they are written by another human being and they can make mistakes as well.

There are so many papers running around with information on it that nobody cares, nobody cares to read them, it's a clutter of information. Coming from me a student of information system, it may be a bit weird, but I'm getting tired of them. I only want to read what I'm interested in, I only want to do what I'm interested in. Why can't I be paid to do what I want to do? Childhood had spoiled me.

I really, really wanted to buy all the kung fu novels written by Jin Yong, that's a guy that wrote almost my whole concept about kung fu. His novels were translated into classic TV shows and movies again and again. The guy can write. So I went to and found his books but it adds up to a great sum, so I'm thinking about raiding a bookstore in New York. I hope there's a bookstore there that carries all his books in traditional Chinese. And if possible, I would like to get an episode of "Death Note" and see if I like it before buying the whole volume. But then I was supposed to get together with a friend this weekend and go to KoP to fix Principe's iPod, plus HBO has a free preview all weekend, so I can catch up on "Rome" and "Bill Maher". So many activities, so little time.

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