>> Monday, March 26, 2007

It's my hundred-and-forty-fourth post, 144 is such as a great number. Anyway, I hate Monday... it's the first day of the week and I can't sleep in... Don't they know I need a vacation after each and every weekend?

T-Mobile finally managed to transfer my number from my old plan with comcast to my new plan. Hurray!!! Called Verizon and had the internet speed of the office restored, so we can have some decent speed going on, it's probably my fault to begin with but anyway... Called YesAsia to have my orders straighten out, I should expect a package with my comic books anyday now... It's funny how a person need to call all these places to solve his problems, I wonder how much time people spent in call waiting each day. We live in a world where everybody else has a part and a say of what we do and need. A person you hardly know has the key to make your life easier, and he'll only do that if you call him and plea with him, and that's our jobs - one's to plea and the other is to open doors. "I'm the gatekeeper, are you the keymaster?" Why can't everything be automatic?

I'm still waiting for the first chapter of my comics, so I've been reading my kung-fu novels like mad. I'm dreaming in chinese characters now... It's good, hopefully it helps me with my fading Chinese. The side effects though is that I might start to speak Cantonese in those older terminologies. Well, as years go by I'm becoming weirder and weirder anyway...

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