A Lucius Waiting For His Pullo

>> Monday, March 19, 2007

We had a free trial weekend for HBO, so you know I would have taken advantage for the situation and glued myself to the TV set. Watched all the "Bill Maher", all the "Def Poetry" and all the "Rome". I always liked "Rome", it's a great show about the old Roman Empire featuring great British actors. Season One started with the great glorious Julius Caesar (who invented the renowned salad dressing... lol) and ended with Brutus betraying and killing him. Season two started with life after Caesar and now Ceasar's adopted son Octavian Caesar is raging war with Marc Antony and Cleopatra. The whole show circles the life of two soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. Lucius Vorenus is a strict, stoic man who stands by loyalty no matter right or wrong. Titus Pullo is a brute with a heart of gold, and his loyalty stands with his people. There is a brotherhood between them that is so pure and admirable.

There is a lot of sex and violence in the show, it may be for the sake of historically accuracy but a little bit of nudity always attracts viewer, just like Sex and the City did. But the real attraction here is the good acting and plot. Lucius went to a war with Caesar for years, his wife thought he was dead and got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. When Lucius came back from the war he wanted to kill her for her betrayal, but she killed herself instead. His other children hated him for killing their mother and seeks revenge. Pullo's wife got pregnant and died from miscarriage, his next love is a slave that secretly poisoned and killed his former wife in order to get to him. In an incident she sacrificed her life to save him and before she died she told him the truth and he strangled her to death. What amazing storylines?

Re-read an old Jin Yong novel that I have called "Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountains", it was really good until the very end. It's about a war treasure guard by four families in conflicts, the hero's family was killed by the other, there's fights and kung fus and conflicts. He's a tremendously good writer. The bad thing about it is that sometimes, he doesn't give you a concrete ending. "The family had twins, one got lost when he was a baby, now that this man comes back looking exactly like the son and the only one who can prove it is dead, is he really our son?", "If you don't kill this person, you'll certainly die with him. Killing him is the only way to survive, but he's your lover's father, but he also killed your parents, and he's the chance, so will you kill him or not?" Those are such bulls#!ts... especially when you have invested so much time reading the book and it comes to an end like this. It's like sex without orgasm, it's just bulls#!t!

Me, I'm trying to save the world form the evil Rhapthorne on DragonQuest, fighting for my share in Liberty City on Grand Theft Auto: LCS amongst other games that I will acquire real soon. Waging wars for the control of the TV with Principe. I taught him how to play Lumines and turned him into a Lumines freak.

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