I Need Air

>> Thursday, March 08, 2007

Principe was having a cold these few days and he's quite miserable. Of course being a good boyfriend that I am, I try to make him as comfortable as possible. He still has to go to work though. But of course, I think I got his cold too. My nose has been quite stuffy lately, and I got a little headache. So I got myself some Tylenol and hopefully it'll go away quickly.

It's my second time getting a PPD now. After my check up last time, the PPD took a few days longer to show up all bumpy... which should be a positive. This time, it is still all bruised up, maybe it'll be all bumpy again. If it's a false positive again, it might mean that I have TB. That would explain why it's always difficult for me to breath. My lack of exercise could explain the delay of the result. I wonder since TB is transferred through air and body fluid, maybe Principe would have it too. Antibiotics can cure it, but it takes half a year and he doesn't have any insurance. If it stays uncured, his lungs would rot inside out. But then it's just a theory. If the doctor saw it and said it wasn't anything, I guess I shouldn't over-react.

Maybe I don't even have a cold, allergy season is starting and I should expect it to hit me real hard this year. Of course, it doesn't help that my boss is smoking in the office. I feel like I can't breathe most of the time. It's not only bad, it's also illegal. Maybe I can sue him for compromising our staff's health in general. At least it can be an excuse for me to leave early if I so choose to. My nose is already all stuffed up, I can use some time away from the smoke.

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