Sick Time Diversion

>> Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm still sick, actually sicker now, thank god the weekend is approaching. I can't believe it, but I'm so tired that I can't even finish my lunch today, must... crawl... to the pharmacy... to get some... Dayquil... *ugh*

A shipment from arrived yesterday with my Kindaichi detective comics and Executive Managing Director Shima Kosaku comics as well. At least I can be sick and entertained. Along with them, I bought an older Faye Wong CD that I had lend to some former classmates of mine in pre-iPod era and he never returned it back to me. I always lend things or money to people and can never retrieve it back from them. I learned to stop doing that though. Also bought a newer Jacky Cheung CD and I started to notice how much he truly sucks. I used to like him a lot when I was growing up.

I love buying things online, when it arrives it feels like receiving a present. Now I got my eyes on a bunch of older classic kung fu novels, the series of "Death Note" comic books and a CD. Too bad they are so expensive, I wish they were cheaper.

It's time to add another layer of color to my painting. I should be done with it within the week.

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