Mr. S#it-Midas

>> Friday, March 16, 2007

I was catching up with all the "Bill Maher" on HBO last night. His program is almost as good as Jon Stewart's in my opinion. The only thing is that it's not as frequent and it's harder to access to it of course. I used to subscribe to HBO, but after Sex and the City ended and they canceled Carnivale, I don't feel like it anymore. So I'm very happy when this few days they are promoting the free trials.

I think in a lot of aspects, I share the same view with Bill Maher. I believe that most organized religions are crazy, I hate hypocrisy and bureaucracy and nothing bugs me more than a lying sack of a politician. I believe that George W. is a dumb f#(k and Dick Cheney is a evil son-of-a-bitch and if you're a republican, you're either very rich and selfish or there's something fundamentally wrong about you. But I don't assign myself as a democrat, democrats are just the lesser of two evils. I realized that most Asians are republican, somehow they believe that big industries (republicans) can better take care of their workers. Maybe once upon a time it is true, but this country has turned into a selfish individualist country where everything is about making a profit. Social security is privatized, there's no public health care, the sense of community and common good is slim.

Now that George W. is waging wars all over the middle-east, sacrificing thousands of lives with no plan in mind to end the war, he basically became the most hated figure in the world. He turned the once prestiged and respected nation into the tail end of countless jokes. Haliburton, WMD, War because of 9/11, Katrina, Shooting people on the face, Walter Reed, the list goes on and on... When will people start thinking about impeaching the lot of them? But no, we are just patiently waiting for their term to end, wishing and hoping that nothing else is going to be screwed up during this time. Seriously the guy is like a f#(king s#it-Midas, everything he touches turns to s#it.

My solution to the war is to hand George W. over to the Sunnis and the Shiites after his term ends. Symbolically with a ceremony and an official apology and all. George W. will be in a cage all chained up like King Kong. "We're sorry for invading your country for the wrong reason, this is the person who is responsible for it, do whatever you need to do to him." And then all the hatred in the world towards him can be dissipated. Of course, Dick Cheney is the brain behind it, but George W. has become such a hated symbol that just by sacrificing him alone would do. Whenever he visits a country people over there are burning cutouts with his face on it and the flag anyway. People overseas seems to know little to nothing about Dick Cheney.So there just hand him over to people in Iraq, retrieve the troops and case solved.

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