Office Theft

>> Friday, March 30, 2007

Yesterday there were a lot of people around the office for the doctor, for the trainings and all. It was relatively quiet later in the afternoon, I was helping ES with her training materials and in a split of a second, ES has lost her phone. I was convinced that since we were stocking some shelves that she had accidentally put it in one of the shelves, but since she wasn't carrying it around and she's not as forgetful and mindless as I am, she knows that it was stolen. Other than that we found out that two bags of tokens are also missing. I didn't see anyone around except I've let a patient in through the front door not long ago, so we went over at the doctor's office to find that the person has just left. So we thought that he must be the person who stole it.

Although all this while I was thinking to myself, it could have been somebody else. It was kinda out in the open, it could have been a staff or a volunteer, or even me. I don't know what wrong with me but everytime something has gone wrong I would go and think whether it is my fault first, even though I have nothing to do with it. I think it has something to do with my general lack of confidence in myself and trust in others. Need I to say that I have issues?

After that we decided to call ES' cell phone but it has already been turned off. We called the guy's cell phone and it was off as well. Then we called the guy's home phone, whose sister has picked it up and we told her what her brother has done and if he did not return it by this morning we will call the cops on him. Given there's no proof whether the guy has done it or not, but we pretended that he has been caught on tape even though we don't have a single camera in house.

I felt a little schadenfreude and tried very hard to suppress a smirk. I would feel so upset if it has happened to me. But what kind of a person will steal from his own doctor's office. He may be a drug addict trying to make a quick buck for dope, but one should never bite the hand that he's fed from. Plus, we have all his information on file, it's not like he could hide. From all the detective comics and novels I've read, this is the stupidest way to commit a crime.

He returned what he took this morning and for that I'm glad, and I also feel guilty to have suspected other people. I have decided that he will not be allowed to come back to see his doctor ever again, I hope he find another doctor, because we won't be letting him in even if he is crawling on the floor and dying. That's for stealing from the people who are helping him, stupid.

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