Flying Saucers

>> Friday, March 23, 2007

Just saw an article on Yahoo! about UFOs, apparently France is the first country that admits the existence of UFO and release their national findings all in one website. But then the website got overwhelmed and crashed soon after its release. I have to give props to the French government of being so open. Unlike the current American government, the French government have the courage to admit that there is something in the world that they can't explain. They also said that there's no proof that the flying saucers and what not are caused by extra-terrestrials, but there are also no proofs that they are not, they just want to announce their findings, so that scientists can use their data to further their investigations and researches.

The mall sells plastic flying saucers as toys now that can levitate and move around mid-air. So maybe government agencies used the same technologies to survey the land, it's not necessarily extra-terrestrials, although it would be very cool if it is. But if they were from other planets, one has to wonder why after all these years of extra-terrestrial activities, we still haven't been officially contacted by them. Are they perhaps disappointed by what they have seen? Maybe because their size is too small that they are afraid of us? Would I live long enough that finally we would make contact with them and we'll begin to see little flying saucers around our most popular landmarks, like disneyland and hollywood?

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