Death Note

>> Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I came across a series of comic book online called "Death Note". Apparently it has caused a lot of controversy in Japan. The basis of the comic is that one of the angel of death got bored and he left his notebook and its instructions on earth to stir things up. Whoever find this note book can write names on it and whatever names appear on the notebook would be killed instantly. The person whose name appear on the book will die from heart failure, but if the writer wrote the exact cause of death next to the name, the person will die exactly the same as described. The writer has to know the person's face in order for it to work, so people with the same name will not die.

The controversy does not lie within the comic book, apparently. It lies with the release of its related merchandise, precisely, the aforementioned notebook. Every kids and teenagers in Japan bought the look-alikes and wrote down the name of people they dislike with gruesome death scenes for them. Some says it materializes their bad feelings for classmates, teachers, parents which potential lead them to act out their hatred for these people further. Even murder??? Me being so far away doesn't really know about the details but it was rumored to be banned due to its nature. But I love a good controversy, so I decided to buy the whole series, so I can decide for myself.

If a death note does exist, I guess I would have a few names of my own to write in their with gruesome description as well. How about drowning in their own filth, huh?

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