Why Health Care Reform Will Not Pass

>> Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another gem from Keith Olbermann.

I don't understand the whole business of lobbying and campaign contributions. How is that even legal? While condemning other countries for corruption, how is this any different? Millions of dollars are spent each day to "buy" politicians into making decisions that would benefit industries. And by postponing votes or claimed to be undecided, you can squeeze a few hundred thousand dollars more from these industries. These so-called politicians are not working for the people, they are working for their own finances. Whoever has the money can buy them, only, the people can't compete with the big companies. We are not banding together to buy politicians, all we do is pay taxes which the government is taking it for granted already.

Most politicians are rich and maneuvers like this makes them richer, they have no use for a health care system that covers all, the poor is too busy to survive to fight for themselves, besides, they wouldn't have any hold. Money equals power, no? So that's why I think the health care reform will not pass, with all of their votes swayed and with them actively creating lies to confuse voters, how can it ever pass?

Another thing I don't understand is, with all the money pouring into buying politicians and hiring the people to lobby, couldn't they just use the money to provide better care? Millions of dollars are pouring it each day, can't they use the money to pay for claims instead?

I hate politics.

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