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>> Sunday, August 09, 2009

From the kids outside my window screaming and destroying Jackson 5's ABC, I believe that there will be a new reality show in the making looking for a new member of the next generation version of the group. Given, there are enough children within the Jackson family to accomplish that task, but a new reality show to stock off on the Jackson craze right now and financially benefit the family much. We all heard Michael was in quite a bit of financial trouble and didn't leave much money for Katherine to take care of the kids.

And if you think Simon Cowell, is America's worst talent show judge ever, you've thought wrong. Try Joe Jackson and his walking stick. Kids. Will. Cry. Besides, it'd be a wonderful opportunity for Joe to promote his record company and for him to utilize all his rights on songs the Jacksons ever sung. Jackson 5, Latoya, Michael, Janet and do they still own the rights to the Beatles'? Who's ready for a new interpretation of Rebbie's Centipede?

And folks, think of all the drama! You've got Joe and his abusive history, the various family drama, Janet gets to get back in America's heart and erase the wardrobe malfunction episode from our minds. We get kids auditioning to be the new Michael and their showbiz parents who's pushing their kids out there. It's like a soap opera.

TV producers get on that gravy train, choo-choo!!!

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