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>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Just sat through 3 1/2 hours of the much anticipated Season 6 of Project Runway last night, it's a bit excessive. It's the first season since the move from Bravo to Lifetime and after spending $150 Million on the show, Lifetime is going all out to make sure that regular viewers of the show will keep on watching.

For continuity's sakes, Lifetime invited Project Runway's past fan favorites to return once again to do an all-star show. Eight designers coming up with a mini four piece collection with one of them using material found in a restaurant. It's obviously a warm up show to draw the old crowd in.

Season 6 starts with 16 designers. Too many of them to get a definite first impression, they barely fit on the runway. There are some crazy loons here and there, lots of gay guys crying for no reason. The challenge is about designing for the red carpet but surprisingly not a lot of the end products fit for it. Surprisingly they're not all gowns, one that I dislike even ended up on the top 3. It shows you how much I know. Both Project Runway All Star Challenge and this first episode of Season 6 has huge stars being the judge, I'm impressed and surprised.

After the first episode of Season 6, there's another show called Models of the Runway describing the drama with the models. They have been put into a house for their own reality drama show. Completely not necessary but I guess it fills up another half hour for the fans that might like to know. I don't. I watch Project Runway for the creativity, mostly, and 11 pm cut into my Jon Stewart time. (Though he and Stephen Colbert will be on vacation for 3 weeks, ugh.)

Along with these 3 shows, there's also the website that contain video previews, interviews, profiles, photos and blogs, you can rate the designs, maybe even buy them, find out about the model's hair and makeup, there's a sweepstakes that could win you $1,000-25,000 and an opportunity to dine with Tim Gunn, you and your friends can also receive a recorded phone message from Tim reminding you to watch the show. If this is not overkill, I don't know what is. Maybe it will be good for the show or desensitize it's viewers and kill it entirely. Of course, I still plan to watch it week after week. Not everything, just the good old fashion designing part.

Another fashion and TV related piece is about these cute True Blood dolls found by Towleroad on this site. So far there's only Bill, Lafayette, Sookie and Pam. There should be new ones coming out soon but we all want to dress Jason, don't we? Get to work boys!

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