Taking Flight

>> Thursday, August 06, 2009

Via 8Asians

Since I was a kid, I wanted to fly. Not on planes, but take flight either self-propelling mid air with a pair of wings or through telekinesis, even controlling the wind like Storm would work. Of course, the next closest thing being a jet pack would be wonderful, but no one ever produces it.

Now there is JetLev, the water-powered jet pack. Founded by Chinese Canadian Raymond Li, JetLev can launch you up to 30 feet up the air by pumping water through a cable attached to the device. It only costs $130,000.

Personally I thought it looks a bit ridiculous, and the cable doesn't provide you much freedom. It's like one of the leeches for kids. So, I'll still be waiting for the jet pack. Maybe they won't produce it because of the potential danger it imposes, but this version at least will be bond to strictly recreational. Unlike jet pack which will allow you to rob a bank and fly away with the money

Speaking of flying, the boyfriend should be on the plane right now on his way back to Philly. I'm gonna go to the airport to retrieve him back. lol. Maybe I'll spin him around and have an airport moment where we hug and kiss in front of the children. Maybe not, but I simply can't wait to see him.

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