Happy Birthday, Obama.

>> Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I don't understand why it is the case but I dare to venture and say that Leos outnumbers people of other zodiac signs. At least it seems that way in my social circle. I celebrated mine on the first day of Leo, my young cousin on the same day, his mom two days later, one of my best bud last Tuesday, another buddy last Sunday, another one Thursday and the boyfriend on Friday. It's quite birthday packed.

Obama's birthday is today. I think it's cute for him to show up at the press conference to bring Helen Thomas some cupcakes. I also admire the work ethics of Helen who shows up at work on her birthday. I hope she's happy about the gesture, even though no one seems to want the cupcakes.

On the jokey side, we have this hilarious birthday card.

On the gloomy side, according to this and the clip from this morning there are rumors about Obama getting contribution money from pharmaceuticals and other lobbyists. The health care reform might turn out to be another meaningless bill. I wish Obama will know to do the right thing.

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