Why a Government Run Health Care Is Necessary

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

This animation explains the necessity for health care reform in the clearest manner. It is simple as that and it leaves me wonder why no politicians in the democrats side can come out and say it like this.

It's easy to see the motivation of Republicans' scare tactics. But the astonish thing is that they can put up an united front on the issue while the democrats can't get it together. I'm sure the republicans are not the only ones getting campaign money and getting lobbied. Could the congress actually be divided by the corruptible and the righteous instead of the the two existing camps?

On a separate note, usually I would dismiss the chicken flu and the swine flu as something in the same category as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning but recently there is news about a gay bar owner in San Francisco died of H1N1, Dylan's romantic and sweet new boyfriend in San Francisco also got infected and is now in intensive care. It's getting me worried. Just be careful folks.

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