Weekend Meme: Zombie Meme

>> Saturday, August 08, 2009

Reading 2 Cents Worth Down Under and found out that my friend Dylan from San Francisco has a blog. I've met Dylan through the SF thruple last year when I went there for Folsom. Dylan is quite the handsome guy, definitely up there in my top 3 cutest guys I've ever met. (The boyfriend is in it too.) Aside from being built and handsome, Dylan is also a talented illustrator and an accomplished programmer. Dylan's blog called Waterlog(ed) has a collection of artwork and his pictures. Great eye candies all around. Dylan just took on a 365 self-portrait challenge, make sure you go over there to support him.

This week's meme is from his site. Just 3 questions, simple enough.

You're at the mall when the zombies attack.

You get:

1. One weapon
2. One song blasting from the speakers
3. One famous person to fight beside you

What do you choose?

Let's see,

1. Against zombies, I'd have to go with a flame-thrower.
2. Where's Your Head At? by the Basement Jaxx. It'd be ironic when a zombie head gets chopped or blown off.
3. I would normally choose the boyfriend since he has extensive knowledge on zombies but I wouldn't want him to be in harm's way. For a famous person and still sorta young enough to fight, maybe Jet Li.

Have a great weekend!

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