Weekend Meme: Punch in the Face Meme

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Traveling upstream, I found this simple and interesting meme over at Stuff Jen Says.

Name three celebrities you’d like to punch in the face, and why.

Let's see...

1. Bill O' Reilly - A propaganda machine, skewer of truth, self righteous bastard, who likes to sexually harass his female co-worker. He has no business breathing the air that I breath. Aside from all that, doesn't his face just screams for a punch?

2. Rush Limbaugh - A bag of pill popping shit, too foul to even think of. A dummy who can't even finish college but loves to run his mouth and impulsive lie about things that he can't understand. Obviously he has no control of what he says and doesn't care about any consequences. A punch would be too little, he should be buried alive.

3. Glenn Beck - Or Rush Limbaugh Jr. Another pawn of Fox News and Premiere Radio Network, who's the radio equivalent of Fox News who's also housing other degenerates like the aforementioned tub of lard and homophobe Dr. Laura the uncertified psychiatrist. Fake and sarcastic, his frequent fake cries on air to induce drama is revolting. He's the clown and a barker for the loons.

Thankfully I have a choice not to watch these people, but I'm frequently prompt on several blogs to see clips of their existence. Since recently there is a company boycott for Glenn Beck, maybe something can be done to take the sponsors out of those radio and TV stations. I can't see any company, service or products would actually like to associate themselves with these liars.

Sorry for the rant, I guess it's a good thing to get the violence out of my system. Have a great weekend!

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