Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!

>> Friday, August 07, 2009

Yeah! It's the boyfriend's birthday today!

I've retrieved him from the airport yesterday and it was great to see him after being apart for two weeks. He looked a bit tired from the travels, so I thought he'd pass out once he gets home but he decided to stay up to adapt to the regular time. I've packed him some dinner, snacks and some other stuff earlier and put them in the fridge, but his air conditioner decided not to work so I had to sneak some hidden stuff and get them back to my place.

After watching the last episodes of True Blood, I took this out after midnight.

The boyfriend loves Legos and we got these cake/jello mold and ice trays, so I figured I'd make some Lego cakes. It was hard making the fondant, the food coloring doesn't seem to work as well and since I've decided to go for the easier recipe, the end product is not a smooth dough but rather crumbly and hard to utilize. Next time, I will have to use the long version even if it involves glycerin and other chemicals that I'm not used to. Since we've tried so many gourmet chocolate lately, I'd thought I'd made my own with dried pineapple, cognac and salt crystals. It wasn't bad, but the pineapple didn't quite stand out.

I've also carved him a birthday card. I got a wood plank "postcard" from an art store and carved him a lego themed birthday card with a chef lego figurine holding a cake and some sayings. Aside a tiny gift box of lego figurines, since he also like Aquaman, I've bought a custom lego Aquaman for a guy on Flickr and sneaked it in the box. I think the boyfriend was quite pleased.

The day's not over yet, but I predict it'll involve some fancy dining and some drinking, maybe a lot of drinking.

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