Movie Trailer: The Final Destination

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

I've always liked the Final Destination franchise, a bunch of teenagers escaped death because of some premonition but not death is reclaiming his victim in some flashy, exciting and obscured ways and death wouldn't care if he claims additional victims in the process. Good CGI, creative ways to kill, I even feel guilty of finding too much joy in it. But there's something about this trailer that I find so preposterous that I can't help but laughed out loud in the movie theater and embarrassed the boyfriend. Thank god the laughter was echoed by at least half a dozen of people.

Watch the last footage around the 2:00 mark. It's like the girl is falling from a cliff hanging on to her dear life... in the mall!

The movie is in 3-D, so it could be some cheesy graphic good fun or it could be way over done. We'll see.

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