Weekend Meme: The Five Greatest Joy of Nature Meme

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saw this over at Spo-Reflections and I knew I have to do it myself. I love picture memes, graphics are pleasing and there's nothing better the sceneries.

1. Wind

You can't see it but it's powerful. It can generate energy, but mostly it's the feeling. The pressure, it's like a hug from nature. It teases, it manipulates, for Wild is The Wind.

2. Storms

I don't know why but I feel happier when it's raining or storming. I enjoy the rain and I'm not afraid to get wet. I also like watching it from indoors, nothing makes me safer, cozier than sitting at home with the rain outside. If everyday is a good day, how do you know it's still good? Also back in Hong Kong, we don't have to go to school when a typhoon approach, so I'm excited when it does.

3. Snow

It's like rain, and I'm also excited when it comes as back in college it's a day off. But snow have other amazing properties. It's a beautiful sight, you can play with it and it covers all the imperfection and griminess of Philadelphia. (Hiding trash cans and all) I love hopping around on a blanket of snow. I guess not needing to shovel it helps my enjoyment as well.

4. Fire

You've got to appreciate it. Yes, I have a little pyro in me. It's beautiful. But then it's very useful. I like to cook, and there's little I can do without fire. Just have to respect it and not to abuse it.

5. Trees

Love the greens even though they don't love me. The leaves, the change of color, when they fall and leave the trees bare. They are pretty to look at year round. And they also produce useful wood, nuts and fruits.

So what are your top 5? Have a great weekend!

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