Adele's Concert 01/16/09

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remembering Adele has a concert this weekend, I went on their site to check and luckily found the price coming down from the former $200. I snatched the very last one and decided to go after getting blown off yet again by CuteCub. It was around $50 but they have to gore to charge me $20+ even the ticket was e-mailed. Whatever, I wanted to go to the concert since before X'mas and I'm happy to feel that I can afford it.

I got there a little late and snatch the last good spot. I would have wanted to rush to the stage and since I was alone, I guess I could have but I settled around the balcony for a good angle. I was determined to have a good time and I was pretty excited because I love Adele and her music.

Right around 9, a cute itty bitty girl named Angel Taylor opened the show, she's not too bad. She's got a great voice and I think I would buy her album. She knows how to play the guitar and the piano and she's been writing songs wince she was in the 10th grade. I was quite taken by some of her songs, but after half a dozen maybe due to the limitations of instruments, her songs start to sound monotonal. Maybe the arrangements in her album would be better? Well, I'm sure she'll mature up to showcase her talents better.

By the time Adele came out the whole place was packed. She opened with Cold Shoulder, the crod went wild, everybody sang along. And then went right into Melt My Heart To Stone, this song which is my favorite and her most personal. By this time, I realized that I have the camcorder function on my phone and I've never used it. There won't be a better reason than this, so I tried.

Much like all the other concert recordings online, the sound and picture qusalities are not that great. Also I learned that I rather be watching the show and get in the moment than paying attention to my trembling hands. But I still enjoyed the concert a lot. Can't help but sung a long during the encore Chasing Pavements, which can be heard in the video. (Embarrassed.) If you're interested they're here. And here's Best For Last:

After the show, I stood outside in the freezing cold (-1F) and waited around for about half an hour. But good things come for the ones who waits. Adele came out and we had a picture together. Too bad the picture came out fuzzy, she's taller than I thought.

I should be happy...

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