Happy Year of The Moo

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, yup. It's Chinese New Year. Happy New Year everyone! If you didn't start on working items on your resolution list, consider this a second chance.

Chinese New Year is my second favorite holiday of the year. (X'mas is more fantastical) We used to get red pocket with money from our elders, when I was back in Hong Kong. In my opinion that's the only reason why we would respect our elders. Of course, you can't expect everyone to give out a nice sum, but the going price was about HKD$10 per envelope 10 years ago which is about USD$1.30 (Us brats will shun upon anything less). And each year we'd earn More than USD$100, some lucky ones might even get USD$500 in mere two weeks. (You'd have to go to all the friends and relatives your parents know but money is money. lol) I wonder what the going rate is now, maybe going back and making my round would pay my rent, but then as I'm getting older there's not much elders left and I'm too old to get red pockets now.

So Year of the Cow, I've read in some fortune telling book that's it's gonna be a good year for me but I sincerely doubt that the whole populace born in the same year will suffer the same fate. Still, I can't help but hope. People born in the year of the Cow is said to be dependable, responsible, hard-working, truthful and patient, although at the same time, they are stubborn, petty and materialistic.

Are you a cow? (Honestly, you dizzy cow)

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