Lessons I've Learned Since 2009

>> Sunday, January 04, 2009

1. Don't go to eat at any Chinese buffet, and if you do, try to avoid any seafood and anything oily. Basically it means to either not eat or go for the salad bar. If not prepare to stay in the bathroom all night. Not to bash an establishment of my people but I couldn't in any good conscious endorse Chinese buffets, seriously not the healthiest thing one can eat. (Japanese buffet doesn't count, they're great!)

2. Selling things on Craigslist is doable but troublesome. A lot of people like to bargain for a lower price, some don't follow through. Some are running scams and ask you to mail the thing to their sons in New Zealand or somewhere in Africa while paying you via PayPal. With certain patience and time investment, you'd eventually sell your stuff, but you'll wonder if it's ever worth your time.

3. Having friends is great. After putting my cellphone through the washer, one of my Straizian (as oppose to Gaysians) friends lend me her old cell phones and now I can be in touch in the duration of waiting for the eBay one to come along. They even offer to walk me for my iPod Touch transaction as my bodyguard. It's a great feeling to be accepted.

4. Buying a car for $200 has its drawbacks. Not that I even know how to drive, but one of my Straizian friends who drives me around have a car that requires half and hour of warming up time. And it even died midway in bitter cold nights. It's nerve wrecking and I wonder if I have to get off to push it a few times. On the plus side, it goes so slow that I think I'd borrow it just for my driving exam if I ever get around to one.

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