Viral Videos: The Gay Alphabet & Cadbury's Dancing Eyebrows

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saw this one over at Towleroad:

It's cute, but D is definitely not for Dancing, nor E for Elton John, while K can still be for Kylie, Julie Andrews is a bit outdated and so are Tank Tops and WTF is an X-dress? I do believe that Zucchinis might be the best one can come up with, but it's a bit of a stretch. Let's see what I can come up with...

A for Attitude, B for Back Rooms, Barebacking, Bathhouse, Bi Guys, Body Building, BravoTV, Britney, Bears, C for Craigslist, CondomsCloset Cases,
D for Dicks, Dildos, Diva, Drama Drag Queens, E for Ecstasy, Electronica, Erections Equality, F for Faggotry, Fisting, Folsom Fag Hags, G for Gloryholes Gay Pride,
H for HIV Tests, I for Ice Skating (How True...), J for Jason Stackhouse (hot!),
K for K-holes, L for Lube Lesbos, M for Manscaping, N for Nude Beaches, O for Obama, Oprah Online Chats, P for Parenting, Penises, Poppers, PnP Prostate Massages, Q for Queen (the band), R for Rainbow, S for Sadomasochism, T for Transgendered, Tearooms, Tea Dance, Truck Stops Twinks, U for Urinals Undies V for Viagra, W for Watersports,
X for X-tube, Y for Youth Pastors Yellow Brick Road, Z for Zak Spears.


This next one had been online for a few days, it's a commercial for Cadbury but it doesn't really have anything to do with chocolate. I guess a successful commercial is now measured by how many people have seen it instead of having anything to do with sales. It doesn't make me want Cadbury any more than Ghirardelli or Hershey's. But the eyebrow dance is awesome, I think the boy with the protrude eyebrow bones make it much more dramatic than the girl with the rounded flat face.

They are so cute.

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