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>> Saturday, September 18, 2010

So the 10 day master cleanse diet is finally over, I'm happy to report that in these 10 days, the boyfriend and I didn't cheat, we just kept sticking with it and the result is good. In those 10 days, I lost almost 16 pounds, around one inch at the waist. I guess I'm satisfied with the diet.

The hardest part of the diet has to be a procedure called the salt water flush in which you put a tablespoon of salt in a liter of water and you have to chug it in order to help cleanse your digestion system. The salt water solution is not pleasant in any sense and you have to do it every night. I started having 5-6 lemonade a day, at the end I made do with 2. I guess at first I panicked a little bit but once I got used to it, it was fine. Though, it does drive me crazy a little bit thinking about food. I'm just glad it's all over. Maybe the whole diet was based on the founder getting stranded in a deserted island, all he had was a lemon tree, a maple tree and sea water and he starved to his thin self. The side effects that I've experienced include bad breath, occasional stomach cramps, low energy and dry lips.

I started my ease-out process by drinking orange juice and a big bowl of rice congee, unexpectedly I started having my long hiccups 3-4 times today. It's probably due to chemical imbalance. Tonight I'm making a curried pumpkin soup, can't wait to eat real food.

Today's meme is brought to you from Tense Teacher, hope you enjoy!

1. Which bill do you hate paying the most?
I'm bad at paying bills, maybe because I take those services for granted. But I do keep paying on time, the hardest one for me is my cable bill because they send it to me a month in advance and the due date is kinda vague. So I hate that the most.

2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
Can't quite remember my last romantic dinner since it was at least 10 days before. Not counting eating at home, the last romantic dinner might be going to Jose Garces' Amada, we sat at the bar and had a few very nice tapas. It was a great experience.

3. How many colleges did you attend?
2, my undergraduate at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI and Drexel for my master's.

4. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?
No reason, really. Just grabbed it from the drawer. Though I bought it because I love Keith Haring and it was cute.

5. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
Sorry, been unemployed for a long while and I don't use an alarm anymore.

6. Last thought before going to sleep last night?
That I'd be able to eat soup and something other than lemonade when I wake up.

7. What do you miss about being a child?
That I can be taken care of.

8. What errand/chore do you despise?
Cleaning. I just dislike doing it.

9. Have you found real love yet?
I like to think so.

10. What do you get every time you go into Wal-Mart?
I seldom go into Walmart, but when I go into a megastore like Walmart or Target I usually go for cookware or shower curtains.

11. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?
No, not necessarily. It's a ceremony of commitment and professing love.

12. Which famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Tough question. If I choose some hot guy and not being able to screw him afterward it'll just be hard on me. It'll have to be some nice, interesting and unpredictable person or someone that I admire a lot. Mary-Louise Parker?

13. Ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?
No, not in my life. Not yet?

14. Somewhere in California you’ve never been and would like to go?
Palm Springs or Sonoma.

15. At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship?
A new career, no question.

16. Do you have a “go to” person?
Not really, I have a boyfriend but not a "go to" person.

17. Are you where you want to be in life?
Definitely not. Lately I realized how I don't have my wits together and I really need to do something about that.

18. Over the years, what about you do you think has changed the most?
I think my confident aspect and my social aspect. There's a period right after I come to the States that both aspect took a dip, but now they are both slowly rising again.

19. Looking back at high school were they the best years of your life?
They were really, really good. Best? Hopefully is yet to come.

20. Are there times you still feel like a kid?
All the time. I'm 35 and I most certainly don't feel like it.

21. Where was the hang out spot when you were a teenager?
Certain video arcade, several homes of my friends, karaokes.

22. Whom do you think impacted your life the most?
Positive or negative, I think it's my uncle.

23. Was there a teacher or authority figure that stood out for you?
Yeah, Ms. Li from Form 3 was tough but fair. She instilled a lot of her good values in us.

24. Do you tell stories that start with “when I was your age”?
Nope, never had the chance, don't hang out with younger people much.

25. What is the scariest thing that has happened to you as an adult?
I guess unemployment and financial instability.

26. What advice would you give to someone about to get married?
I don't know. Be considerate of each other, be forgiving and pick your battles.

27. What advice would you give someone starting their first job?
Be polite and thorough.

28. If you could go back and change one thing you did, what would it be?
Study harder.

29. If you could go back and change one thing someone else did, what would it be?
To keep my mom from seeing my dad. Life got tougher for both of us after that.

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