Galileo Was Wrong?

>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Via Joe.My.God

Forgive me for being an easy bait but is this shit for realsies? Their site exceeded their bandwidth limit so there's no way to prove the validity of the said event but all you have to do is say some stupid stuff like that and attach a few religious figures on the poster and you can make me and any sane people goes apeshit. So global warming is a hoax and now Galileo was wrong, the sun and the whole universe indeed spins around the earth? What's next? Gravity is science fiction? Wow, I didn't think we as a society can go in reverse but obvious a lot of folks are trying really hard to do so.

On a related note, can an university revoke the doctorate degrees they issue because those people are now babbling crazy and distributing false information? And how do we know those speakers have their Doctorates in some field of science and not in crazy talk?

I'm sure they'll get a whole lot of attendees going just to see how crazy this is. First they burn the Quran... what has America turned into?

***shivers to my spine***

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