The Gay Cruising App Game

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, like every good slutty gay guys I do have Grindr on my iPod just so I can seek out every gay guy in my neighborhood. Being in the city and living so close to the gayborhood, there are tons of them nearby and now when I go out on the street, I have an enhanced gaydar. I rarely use it to hook up and usually I don't even initiate conversations.

Other than the famed Grindr, there are also lesser known app like DNR Social which is another version of Grindr, I used this one to scoop out the boys in Henderson Island. There's also Scruff which is a cruising app for bears and their admirers and apparently something called Qrushr which made themselves to be the major competitor of Grindr.

Something surprising got to my attention yesterday. Apparently Qrushr has launched another app called Qrushr Girls which to my knowledge is the first Lesbian oriented iPhone cruising app.

And I thought lesbians or female in general is less raunchy than gay guys, I wonder a cruising app like this would work in a community that is less sex-crazed, but if there's a need to have an app so that lesbians can identify one another on the street then more power to them really.

To show you how much free time the boyfriend and I have and how silly we can be, we invented a little game with our iPods. Through making random people our favorites on the app and blocking others, we were able to manipulate people's profile, so the right pictures will end up on top or side by side to one another, which, allow us to combine some image and create some mishmash of longer torsos or super creatures.

Here's what we got so far:

It's not exactly tons of fun, but it's amusing to us nonetheless.

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