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>> Monday, September 13, 2010

It's day 7 of my "not eating" diet, I spend most of the time thinking of what I would eat when I finish this thing. I'm actively planning the meals ahead, starting with the Friday ease-in juice and soup, Saturday's light fruit and vegetables possibly with a miracle fruit tasting, up to Sunday for a slice of cheesecake somewhere. These two weeks happen to be Philadelphia's and New York's Restaurant Week, it's really a good opportunity to get into some restaurants that I've thought I'd never be able to afford going in and have a meal in my life but since I'm still dieting this week, I'll have to go in next week when I'm off the diet to make up for lost time. At the end, I might just not lose any weight at all.

One side effect of the diet is that I have a whole lot more free time from not cooking and that somehow sparks up my creative side. I've been thinking about new artwork ideas, thinking about a little program that would generate a random name for certain things and since last year's last minute Halloween costume creation generate a fair amount of frustration for both me and my boyfriend, I thought I'd plan ahead and maybe even sew something since I have the time. After going to a few costume stores, the boyfriend has already made his purchase and I also have gotten a few ideas.

Browsing My Disguises, I come across these intriguing pictures:

Is it weird of me to think that it might be comfortable to step in the soft inside of the bread? They are made from real bread and sold at Da Da Da for 62 euros which is roughly $80 USD and they come in three sizes and multiple colors. Frankly, instead of paying $100 to get them mailed to you, just go to a nearby bakery and saw two loaves of similar breads into shoes, that'd save you a bundle.

In the item descriptions, it specifically says "not wearable on feet". I guess it doesn't really serve any real purpose but for me to be able to exclaim "I'm so hungry, I can eat my shoes!"

For a second course, consider these:

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