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>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell has become the new media darling overnight for winning GOP senate primary in Delaware. In fact, you can pretty much name the past Wednesday as "Christine O'Donnell" day. The reason why she got such media focus is probably because she beat out GOP favorite Mike Castle which in itself signify the general migration of Republican to the Tea Party, also people are surprised because O'Donnell is truly unelectable.

Since O'Donnell had won the GOP primary, more and more dirt had come out to indicate that this person is not really all there, it also piece together the profile of a person that's intentionally sensational to gain media attention to run for office, so she can fundraise and live off that fund.

First, there was an early MTV clip of her and her religious friends talking about why people shouldn't masturbate. (Had MTV really been this conservative?)

And then we found out that she's linked to the Ex-Gay movement and that the organization claimed that they have cured a person of homosexuality. Turn around, that cured person made a YouTube video telling people that the ordeal lasted for 6 months, he now has a boyfriend and life for him is a lot happier. O'Donnell has a record of being anti-gay, she also has been on record saying that AIDS patients deserve what they get and that they are getting too much government funding.

Toward the end of the Clinton administration, she protested the appointment of James Hormel to be ambassador to Luxembourg, a posting the religious right opposed because Hormel was gay. “The SALT was concerned about Hormel’s ties to the pedophile-rights movement,” her website said, though there was not a shred of evidence behind the slur. In 1997, in a clip recently unearthed by Talking Points Memo, she appeared on C-SPAN, where, looking fresh, lovely, and innocent, she objected to AIDS sufferers being called “victims” because the disease is the product of their own actions. In an appearance on Fox in 2000, she exclaimed over the horrors of New York’s gay pride parade: “They’re getting away with nudity! They’re getting away with lasciviousness! They’re getting away with perversion!”
If she was a man, I would have been convinced that she's a closeted homo, I couldn't say that she's a closeted lesbian since I don't know much about them. She does have a lesbian sister though, I wonder if her action has anything to do with her sister being gay.

There is a robocall tape from O'Donnell's past campaign staff saying how O'Donnell would raise fund for her campaign, not pay her staff and then just live off the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just yesterday, a clip from Bill Maher's Real Time show, showing O'Donnell on Political Incorrect claiming that she has tried practicing witchcraft.

The thing that scares me about her is that she's practically Sarah Palin's double. Sure, bundle up her hair and give her a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and she could be a doppelganger for Sarah Palin but Republican voters do respond to these wholesome biblethumping, putting up a moral front loons and she is indeed one. Sure Karl Rove came out criticizing her and the GOP claimed that they will not help with her campaign but at the end if she can generate enough hype and get her crowd rowdy enough, the GOP will want her supporters on their side. After all the GOP is a dinosaur by now, Tea Party is where it is at.

As the left try to brush O'Donnell off as someone unelectable, O'Donnell is becoming the new star of the irrational, unreasonable, pitchfork waving crowd. Since Delaware is a blue state, chances are that she will not be elected, but she still could be. I just hope that whoever runs against her put as much effort to beat her down as possible. This person has no place in any position of power, let's not give her any chance.

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