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>> Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Given the potential harm of anal douching, I don't know what to make of this. I mean is this really art? How is that different than using a water gun? I guess the process is art in itself and the buyer will be some guys with a certain fetish. But(t) how does this have anything to do with Zune?

Speaking of things squirting out of a butt, the boyfriend, two of his friends and I have embarked on a ten-days diet. For ten days, we won't be eating anything but a lemon-maple syrup concoction. It's called the master cleanse diet which is essentially a fast. Anytime I feel hungry, I'll have to mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup with water and a dash of (yummy) cayenne pepper. Since each glass is roughly 100 calories a day, having about 6 glass will make the grand total at about 600 calories, it's under one-third of the normal daily intake. There's also laxatives and a nightly salt water flush solutions that helps with the daily body functions and I'm also taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplements. Is it healthy? Absolutely not, but a skinny friend did this for 10 days and lost 16 pounds and I'm almost twice his size so I'm hoping for more. Don't worry, I'll bail if I feel I can't make it.

Obviously not eating food makes it that much more tempting, day-to-day I'll have to avoid watching Food Network and food blogs but I refuse to change my walking routes so I could avoid passing by popular eateries. It's not after a whole day of not eating did I notice how many food commercials there is on TV. Only one day and it's already driving me a bit crazy. So far my cravings include a slice of pizza, homemade siu mais, beef, roast pig from a certain Jose Garces restaurant and sushi buffet at another establishment 10 minutes from Philly. Basically everything and anything. Hope the 10 days goes by faster.

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