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>> Friday, September 10, 2010

With the anti-Obama sentiment comes a total anti-government notion that the Tea Party along with the Republicans are harvesting for their own political purpose. The upcoming election might just be the worst one for Democrats yet. I was surprised to see this Jon Stewart interview with current DNC chair Tim Kaine happening this way:

1. Before this interview, I've never heard of Tim Kaine and his position as the current DNC chair. Given how out front Michael Steele is, one have to wonder why there were so little effort paid to promote the achievement of DNC and our current president.

2. There's a happy go lucky arrogance about him that really puts me off. DNC is the underdog party? Robert Gibbs criticizing the professional left for voicing their dissatisfaction was because they had a bad day?

3. This guy goes to 42 states and meet his supporters. This guy had to be living in a bubble to think that regular people knows the accomplishments of the administration and knows that we'll have it worse if we put Republicans back to power. We are a country who reelected Bush Jr. for a second term. This guy needs to wake up and smell the coffee or better yet, maybe we should get another guy that takes the matter more seriously, knows the reality of what we're facing and have the PR know-how to counter it. Obviously Tim Kaine is not the one right for this job.

In another hot topic that no doubt would be paint to make the existing administration to be the villain, the time is up for the Bush Tax Cut for The Rich. Obama has stood firm on discontinuing the cut because clearly it is really unfair for the ones who's not in the top 1%, its damaging effect is more obvious in a state with higher discrepancy like Washington:

While the people whose annual salary is under $20,000 is paying 17.2%, people whose annual income is higher than $537,000 is only paying 2.6%? In what universe is this fair?

In the long run, it's the poor who suffers from cuts in human services and education services.

When you want to raise the taxes to a more reasonable margin, there are always rich politicians who claims that you're killing jobs by doing so. Since most politicians are rich, you have to depends on the conscience of a few rich people to stand up for you, who I might add could have easily sit back, clamp up and enjoy their wealth.

And of course, there are always assholes like GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey who's using religious mumble-jumble to justify and defending the cuts, and steering his supporters to believe that having tax cuts for the rich in this economic times is good for the country.

Personally I support an uniformed tax rate for everyone across the board. Then, there won't be any hassle or debate. Clean and simple.

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