Travelogue: Philly Red Bull Flugtag 2010

>> Sunday, September 05, 2010

It was a relatively nice day and I was quite excited to see people building outrageous aircraft just to crash into the river. Thinking that the crashing will start bright and early at the advertised time of 11:00am (which is incredibly early for the boyfriend and I) we got there to meet an already large crowd. Walked around the dock looking at the competitors and their creations who are all vying for crowd favorite by putting up a performance. Afterwards, we waited around for the event to start but it was postponed because of the gust created by Hurricane Earl. The sun was bright though and we were getting a sunburn amidst crowds of Jersey Shore wannabes. We were about to leave when the event started around 1:30pm, saw a few crashes in the jumbotron and left not long after. Didn't seem anyone designed to fly since all of them dropped like a bag of rocks.

5 Guys 1 Clock: Crowd favorite for no apparent reason.

Left my mark.

Guys with two kids and a wife with a t-shirt that says: "...long story short, I fucked her"

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