Movie Review: Piranha 3D

>> Monday, September 06, 2010

Thinking that it'd be a sarcastically cheesy B-movie, the boyfriend and I went to see Piranha 3D, the film which got put down by James Cameron for cheapening the 3D genre mostly because he harbors some resentment for being fired as a director from Piranha 2, honestly it just made the movie that much more interesting to me.

The film starts with Jaws veteran Richard Dreyfuss sitting on a boat over the lake fishing for bass. As he was reeling his fish in, the boat tilted and his beer bottle fell into the lake hitting its bottom and caused a seismic reaction and the lake cracked and created a passage to an underground lake. A whirlpool caused my the crack caused Richard Dreyfuss to fall into the water and out come a drone of prehistoric Piranhas reducing him to mere bones. Yup, it's that kinda movie.

Every year, the population of Lake Victoria expands 10 folds during spring break. Wild Wild Girls director played by Jerry O'Connell has selected the lake to film his latest spring break girl-on-girl "romance action" flick. Not knowing the landscape, he hired local 17 year old Paolo Nutini lookalike Jake to be his guide while Jake's mom, a local sheriff is bound to lead a group of seismologists to the site. As the group discovered the underground lake and its occupants, Jake and his mom must fight for the survival of residents and visitors alike.

Mad traveler scientist Christopher Lloyd plays a mad marine biologist this time while another Back to the Future alumni Elizabeth Shue plays Jake's mom the Sheriff. Jerry O'Connell's acting is a bit forced but acting in this film is really secondary, considering Christopher Lloyd is in this film. There are a few titty shots but it's the gore that hits you in the face and numbed up your senses. After the 15 minutes of background information, it's death everywhere. Not just normal regular death but bloody cloud, limb off, face chewed off kinda death. Piranha attacking crowds of spring break frats, everybody dying, the whole screen in a shade of red kinda death.

While there's a few jokes in the film and you get tickled by the ridiculousness of some scenes, it's not particularly enjoyable. I knew the film aimed to be ridiculous but it borders on bizarre. Regardless, I going to stay inland for a while. C-

Happy Labor Day!

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