These Hips Do Lie

>> Thursday, September 09, 2010

Via Joe.My.God

Esquire reports
that many of the nation's retailers of men's pants are lying about their waist sizes in order to make you feel thinner. It's called "vanity waist-sizing."

A year or two ago, I went to Lucky Jeans to buy a few pairs of new jeans and I was amazed on how I could squeeze in some 34s comfortably with space to spare, because that's almost my high school waist size. While I cheerfully thanked the salesperson for even suggesting for me to try on the 34s and gleefully whipped out my credit card to buy those jeans, I've never thought that the labels would be a lie. Not that I know it's a lie and I can barely squeeze back in the said jeans, maybe it's a great reassurance for me to stick into this 10 days fast thing that I embarked on. It's day 3 and I getting used to not having food, my hunger headache is gone and I'm still a little low on energy around the afternoon but I didn't faint or die so how bad can it be? My recent cravings still include a sushi buffet and the roast suckling pig meal from the Jose Garces restaurant but I think I shouldn't gorge once I can eat, so I don't nullify these 10 days of hunger torture. I should go for my long, long walk to double my effort now.

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