Dancing With The C.H.O.

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've never been a fan of Dancing with the Stars, because let's face it: most stars can't dance and you're really not dancing with them now, are you? In fact I have never watch a single episode of it. But this season got more interesting, not because of Bristol Palin but because of Margaret Cho. Here's her doing a Viennese Waltz:

Kudos for her to attempt adding some cheesy comedic element to her performance, though the judges didn't respond to that. Fuck'em, Margaret clearly can dance. While I still don't think I'll watch her on TV, there's always YouTube clips available the day after. Though I wonder how long she'll stay on the show since she's sort of a D-list actress herself and how many long sleeve gowns can they find to cover her biker tattoos.

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