Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow

>> Monday, September 20, 2010

Via Technologizer

Back in the mid-1940s, Seagram’s advertised its VO Canadian whiskey with a series of extremely manly magazine ads about “Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow”, comparing their production 6 year old aged whiskey to futuristic thinkers. Though some of these drawings did become true today,

1. Perfected Television & Radio Telephone Combined (February 1943)

Although Americans have been doing videoconferencing for a while, videophones has just reached this country and it's still not very popularized.

2. 3-Dimensional Movies (June 1943)

So the concept started that long ago, huh?

3. Groceries on Wheels (April 1944)

This one speaks to me particularly. I've seen vendors selling produce in the back of a pickup truck or a van, but one with its own butcher? I wonder if it'd work in some suburban/rural community. It looks like a fun job.

4. The Portable Radio-Telephone (October 1944)

Seagram explained that this technology was already in use for armed forces and it'll soon be sold in the market, but that postponed about 50 years.

5. The Office of Tomorrow (March 1945)

In this rendition of a futuristic office, there's a videoconference box and lots of gadgets on the desk. Very much like the desktop and peripherals that we have today.

6. Top Stories & News Events as You Dine (April 1946)

Dining while watching news on TV? What a novel idea? As you can see, there are flatscreen TVs on the wall broadcasting sports as gentlemen are drinking. Too bad sports bar patrons wear more trucker hats than suits nowadays.

7. Traveling Kitchens Deliver Packaged Dinners (June 1947)

Looks pretty much like a food truck. Most people now would rather order delivery.

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