It Wasn't Written In The Stars

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So the cloture vote on DADT has failed 56-43 with not one Republican voting "Yes". Even if the 3 Democrats who voted "No" change their votes, I would still have been lost by one, it just reinforce that when it comes to voting Republicans falls in line and don't stray, maybe Tea Partiers will fix that. It's sad and frustrating, it wasn't even the repeal itself but language to follow the study's outcome, but the Republican wouldn't even let us have that. Given this being an election year, no one wants to go on record support a controversial bill lest it would riled up voters in an undesirable manner. It just reminds me that politics is often ugly and rarely constructive.

The main villain of this whole ordeal is John McCain who started the call for filibuster, who despite saying that he'll follow the advice of high ranking military officials and when those officials support the repeal of DADT, McCain stuck to his homophobic guns. And then this:

Of course, I'm also disappointed that we have to resort to Lady Gaga to come out to hold rallies in support of the repeal. Not that she's not doing a great job, anyone who comes out fighting for gay rights should get proper recognition but then while the right is united to go against us, I don't see a lot of effort coming from the left. All we got from the president is a White House statement and other than a short speech from Al Franklin, I don't see any other passionate senators coming out in support. Gay rights is indeed a low priority, hopefully after the elections someone will do something about this. But if more teabaggers get into office, I doubt that we will get what we want anytime soon. I thought by electing someone who promised change and having the house majority, we will have a better shot in getting equal rights, if health care and the economy is not going anywhere, why can't we be next? Unfortunately, there will always be Republicans in this country, who do we need to elect and what perfect condition need there be before we get what we want?

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