Oh McGrath!

>> Monday, September 27, 2010

I used to like Sugar Ray, that was when I first come to the States in 1997. And when I say I liked Sugar Ray, I mean I find Mark McGrath really attractive in a Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson kinda way (which I found to be the best looking amongst the 5, Brian Littrell comes in a close second) but with a more sunny outgoing personality. Music-wise, Sugar Ray was easy listening enough, very generic, beachy rock ballads. I was sorta happy for Mark McGrath when he gets his TV show gig on Extra! at least there's an afterlife after his music career faded.

But I just saw this clip of him on The Soup and it lost me big time:

Is it me or does he looks like Bruce McCulloch of Kids In The Hall?

I guess the Sugar Ray years were about 12-13 years ago and we can't all age gracefully but it's not just his face. It's mostly that hair. He looked a lot better when he had darker hair, he looked better even with platinum blond tip but that greasy dirty blond hair right now is not doing him any favors. It looked more like a balding guy with a mid-life crisis and bad hair plugs who's trying slightly too hard. Ugh. It's just painful to see a cute guy change into something else.

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