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>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

My obsessions are often food or music related, food-wise it's more often than not pastries. Like the shown above black forest cake that I made for a friend's birthday. Though I have to say this time it didn't turn out as good as I thought. The cake base turned out a bit rubbery. I have resolved myself to only make genoise bases from now on, I love it and I don't see why I should differ from the spongy goodness.

On Wednesday nights, the boyfriend and I would go to the close by Whole Foods to have a light multi-course dinner. Wednesday is Whole Foods promotional day where they have taste-testings for all their promotional products. Which usually consists of a salad, a fish course, a meat course, a cheese and cracker course and a dessert course. Sometimes they would even have some candy bar lying around, it gets better around holiday season.

Today's meme is stolen from Sunday Stealing, what are your latest obsessions?

Book: Not obsessed about it, in fact, I won't recommend it at all, but I'm reading Charlaine Harris' Lily Bard series. Again, not recommendable.

Snack: My favorite snack lately is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I didn't particularly like it a while back, but nowadays when I get chocolate bars, they're it.

Restaurant: Just tried out new Iron Chef Jose Garces' Latest restaurant called Village Whiskey. Depends on how the pictures turned out, I'm gonna write a post about that soon.

Beverage: Ginger beer or Arnold Palmer, though I'm drinking Turkey Hill's diet ice teas like water.

Decor: Not too deep into decor to name the different styles, but I can appreciate good decor.

Actor: Obsessed about an actor? Can't say I am obsessed about anyone. I guess John Cena if he counts and if he's almost naked.

Actress: I liked Milla Jovovich for a while, she was very exotic to me. I also liked Maggie Cheung. Now I guess I don't have anyone to obsessed about in particular.

Movie: My friends had the ability of recite movie dialogues line by line (ie, The Joy Luck Club). I lack that ability. Though I really liked Beautiful Thing and The Fifth Element.

TV show: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I actually get upset when he goes on vacation.

Hobby: I guess blogging would be it.

Band: I think the next best thing might just be the HotRats featuring Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes from SuperGrass. I loved SuperGrass.

Song: Ke$ha's Tik Tok. I hear it plenty of times at the clubs and it just played on TV, so it's starting to stick.

Meme: It's hard to be obsessed about a Meme, but my favorite one is probably the Zombie Meme.

Blog: The one that I'm obsessed about lately is Serious Eats, though I do check every blog on my blogroll very intently.

A BLT with a pound of bacon from This Is Why You're Fat, it's the first time I can use the word "Redonculous"!

Lover: The boyfriend. After a whole year, I'm still very much obsessed.

Friend: Obsessed about a friend? I don't.

Quote: I guess since me and my friends have mentioned the BBC show recently, the quote would be "You Are What You Eat". I nicknamed the host the "Poo Lady".

Peeve: Um, what's the deal about the recent toilet roll poll from Cottonelle? What's the purpose of this thing? What could it possibly achieve? You'll have to use toilet paper anyhow, right?

Sport: The local leather bar is playing clips of UFC sometimes and it's surprisingly homoerotic.

Singer: The whole world is obsessed about Lady Gaga. I think I'm past that term now, though nobody interesting or talented had grabbed my attention since.

Have a good weekend!

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