On The Losing Team

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's surprising to me that Massachusetts is going for the red team by electing this guy.

Is he the ultimate teabagger?

It's not shocking, I mean, he's a handsome guy and the president's approval rating is dipping below a certain point and with a name like Scott Brown, he should be pretty popular amongst the people with low attention spans. Though it is scary that his whole platform is to go against health care reform and he's a potential racist or at the very least a liar.

On Team Coco's front, I think it's pretty much settled that Conan O'Brien will be walking out of NBC's late night TV line up. There's a rumor out there that Conan will settle on a $42 Million dollar deal to walk away and it could be as soon as the end of this week so he won't able to badmouth the channel any longer.

More often than not I'm disturbed by the decisions of station executives. They are able to cut programs at will and replace them by other programs that doesn't do any better, meanwhile the viewers get abandoned midway through a story and get frustrated. Do these so called executives even watch TV or do they just focus on numbers? Don't they know that switching time and creating controversy will cause loss of viewership? In another level, to have the lives of the families of the whole cast and crew uprooted and move to another city and then have the show canceled after 7 months is rather unusually cruel.

Jay makes the whole thing sound like so impassive. He said he agreed to retire in 2009 to avoid what happened with Dave Letterman, but after all that has happened he agreed to take the show back. The whole thing with David Letterman IS happening again. If he was an upstanding person, he would have walked out. After all how many years had he been hosting the Tonight Show? Isn't it someone else's turn? I do think Conan is a funnier guy, but Jay's show has a lot more fun activities like Headlines, Jay Walking, Ten@Ten and the Green Car Challenge. Though I rather watch the Colbert show and Chelsea Handler.

The next three days, Conan's show is lining up with unusually important guests like Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell, so this might really be the end for him. Maybe he can get a daytime talk show on ABC to replace Oprah? Though 42 Million should last anyone for a while.

Best of luck.

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