Studlies From The Other Side

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

1. Aaron Schock

I remember seeing this picture about a year ago of Congressman Aaron Schock. Congressman Schock is a very photogenic guy who looks better in his other pictures and he's only 29, though he is a Republican. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I can't find much on his platform, so there's not much to object about. Though he is quoted for suggesting selling nuclear weapons to Taiwan to force China into following U.S. policy in Iran. He's also seems to be for torture. Even though handsome, he's not quite my cup of tea.

2. Tim Tebow

I've not heard of the 22-years-old footballer until last week when the young man started stirring up trouble for starring in a pro-life ad that was bound to be aired during Super Bowl. Tim Tebow was born in Manila into a missionary family. During the pregnancy, his mother had contracted an infection and went into a coma, the doctor was expecting a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to protect the mother's life but at the end they both survived. So it is quite understandable the young man would have strong feelings on abortion. Though associating himself with an extreme group like Focus On The Family leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Mr. Tebow is indeed quite hunky and he likes to pose shirtless or something like that, I can't wait for a sex tape.

3. Scott P. Brown

Well, the picture was taken when he was 22 and it looks pretty damn good. Other than that, he's Republican teabagger, anti-gay, a racist, supports torture, supports death penalty, anti-health care reform and proud to be driving a truck. How did he get elected to be the Senator of Massachusetts again? He's a bit looney tunes, ain't he?

4. John Edwards

He is a 56 years old, well coiffed Democratic senator, so the studly factor is on the low side. Plus the whole lying about his extramarital affair and denying his own love child is a bit low on the moral totem pole. Though one of his aide has found a DVD at his film-maker mistress house that contains footage of several sex acts. The aide claims that Senator Edwards "is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says 'whoa'." Really? A lot of people made a big deal about Tommy Lee's "physical feature" back when he made a sex tape with then wife Pamela Anderson but I wasn't really impressed since I'm desensitized by gay porn, though I'd still watch the Edwards one if given the chance. I've heard that John Edwards wife is now divorcing him and I wonder if his political career is going kaput now, maybe he can start doing porn?


Two more things...

1. Can anyone tell me how many rebuttals or responses to the State of the Union address are necessary on the Republican side? GOP, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Log Cabin Republicans, and a commercial from the Cheneys. It's quite enough. If the disingenuous want to do something productive then let's do it, if not, I don't need to hear them jabber.

2. Can't we just make shameless scum Rod Blagojevich go away? I don't want to see him in commercials or in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here or The Apprentice even though I don't watch them. I don't want to hear about the guy either. Just make him go away. Isn't he supposed to be in prison or something?

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